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Prosperous Retirement Planning 

Retirement – the very thought may bring hopes of a life where you do not have to work and simply spend your time enjoying the finer aspects of life. Travelling, visiting family and friends, pursuing hobbies, learning a new language and being a part of community services are some of the activities that most people wish to pursue. However, with hectic work life of today it’s difficult to afford time and money for them. This is why it is easier to enjoy such things during retirement years, provided you have the money.  You can certainly save enough and ensure a steady income for retirement years if you plan in advance. This is precisely what Prosperous Retirement Planning helps you at! 

Many people in their prime age for work may find it morose to even think of retirement but the fact is that retirement planning needs to start early. ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ is something that we all have heard of and the truth in this statement cannot be denied. Indeed, planning for retirement has become all the more important now that we are living in times of gross financial uncertainties.  

Bibi Apampa – the CEO for Prosperous Retirement Planning and author of well known book‘Retire Rich Retire Happy’ has helped thousands of people achieve financial security and happiness in their retirement years. 

If you look forward to a retirement minus any worries about finances and also want to make the most of those days, it is certainly a good idea to begin your planning now! Bibi’s experience in this domain will help you achieve all your retirement goals. 

Wealth building is probably the most important part of a retirement plan. Pensions are not enough and you need to ensure that there are adequate investments to yield you a good, steady income when you give up work. Besides wealth building, you also need to think in terms of:

  Estate Planning

  Asset Protection

  Writing Your Will

  Leaving A Legacy

  Tax Planning

 To retire rich, healthy and wise it is essential to plan not just for travelling, visiting relatives, and indulging in hobbies, but also for unforeseen medical contingencies. At times you may even wish to renovate your residence for a more comfortable living! Prosperous Retirement Planning will help you to be prepared for all such things and more.

 Retirement planning also entails deciding upon the distribution of your property and other precious belongings after your death. You have all the right to decide the fate of your own estates. It may be passed on to children, grandchildren, siblings, other family members, friends, and even to charitable organisations, as per your wish. But such a wish needs to be documented in a Will.

 Bibi Apampa will guide you through every step that you need to take for a rich, wealthy and wise retirement. From choosing the best investment options and paying off debt to planning your estates and writing your Will, you can get all the information and help that you seek at Prosperous Retirement Planning. 

If you wish to retire rich and retire happy, contact a reliable Retirement Planning Coach at: and request for a FREE copy of ‘Retire Rich, Retire Happy” book on How to plan for a healthy, wealthy and wise Retirement

  Why is Retirement Planning Necessary?

 The significance of retirement planning cannot be underestimated. Nobody likes to work forever and there comes a time in life when advanced age and natural limitations of body and mind prevent a person from working and earning. It for times like these that savings and investments made in the past come handy. Retirement planning entails making adequate provisions for the future – if you retire rich, you retire happy. This also implies that you have adequate time and resources for activities that you could not fully enjoy during your prime years – travelling, spending more time with friends and family, joining a hobby class, gardening and being a part of community services. Naturally, indulging in such activities without having to report to work is possible only when you have adequate funds and these are saved through a comprehensive retirement planning.

 For a comfortable and stress free retirement, it is important not only to have sufficient funds but also to live debt free. If you have mortgage loan to pay off, huge pending credit card bills and other debts to pay, all your savings might get drained in such payments. This is why your retirement planning must include a strategy to pay off debts at the earliest. 

 Retirement planning actually starts with setting clearly defined life goals and putting together a financial plan to achieve those goals by the age of retirement. Savers should plan early in order to take advantage of compound interest and avoid financial risk. The greatest risk to a good retirement is the possibility of outliving your money. But an effective planning and the right knowledge of good investment options can prevent such predicaments.

 Individuals planning for retirement can prepare a list of goals that they wish to achieve while couples can get together, compare notes and make compromises to ensure that they do work towards similar end points. Couples with children and grandchildren also need to write a Will and decide upon the division of their property and assets after their death. In fact estate planning and writing of Will is important in all retirement plans. Even the individuals who may not have an immediate family need to make a plan about the distribution of their assets – lest any decision may be taken by the government as per existing laws.

 Retirement planners have to calculate the expense of accomplishing their respective life goals and retirement dreams. You not only need to add up the total costs in today's monetary value but also estimate future expenses per inflation adjustments. It is obviously not possible to plan an absolute amount of money or regular income that may be enough to live comfortably and pursue different interests during retirement. But investing in different plans, real estate, equity and gold may be helpful. Old age may also bring health problems or a general need for domestic help – it is important to plan for such contingencies and unforeseen health issues. 

 At, our goal is to help you retire rich, retire happy – we help you build wealth towards prosperous years of retirement. If you are looking for guidance on protecting your assets, leaving a legacy, estate planning and most importantly building wealth for retirement, contact a financial coach today at

 Buying a Home Abroad as a Retirement Investment

Many people look to buy a second home abroad as an investment. House prices in much of Europe are lower than in much of the UK, prices in some areas are rising and holiday destinations offer good rental income potential. While many are understandably nervous about buying abroad given the current financial crisis in much of Europe and elsewhere, buying a home abroad can provide a good income in retirement. For those willing to move abroad, it can also be a good way to have the lifestyle you want. The cost of living is much lower than in the UK in many places, so you could live comfortably abroad if you cannot do so here.

Getting Started

If you want to buy a home abroad, you need to make sure that you give it your full attention. Do not cut corners: concentrating on getting the cheapest home contents insurance only from a local vendor, rather than getting expert, English-speaking legal advice, could lead to serious problems. Buying abroad is not something to do for fun, but a serious financial and legal transaction. Do not fall into the trap of getting seduced by a particular area that you’ve stayed in on holiday. If you want to make a good investment, you need to buy with your head, not your heart. The important things to look at are:

- Buy with cash if possible. If you are close to retiring, it is unlikely you would be able to get a mortgage in any case. If you are a few years off retirement and think that you could get a mortgage, tread carefully. Currency fluctuations can cause significant financial problems for those with mortgages on properties abroad. The safest way to buy abroad is to sell your UK home once the mortgage is paid off (or you have significant enough equity to buy un-mortgaged) and use the money to buy either one home abroad or two smaller homes, one here and one abroad.

- Get legal and financial advice both in the UK and in the country you are buying in. Never use a lawyer recommended by a developer or vendor: they may well have a less-than-honest interest in you using that lawyer. Use local professionals who speak fluent English and UK professionals who know the law in your chosen country thoroughly.

- Do appropriate research. Look at house price trends in the area you want to buy in. Don’t look just at the country, look at the local trends. Holiday resorts in particular can have very localised markets.

Buying to Invest

If you want to buy to invest, then you need to know that you will be able to rent out your home abroad. Homes in big cities and in holiday resorts will generally rent best. If you want to buy a romantic hideaway in the hills, you are unlikely to make much money from it. Think about whether you want to visit your overseas home for part of the year, or just leave it rented. That might affect where you buy: you should buy somewhere you’d enjoy being in if you want to spend time there yourself. Holiday lets generally make more money per week, but will not let for the whole year. If you want a solid income, look at buying a city flat that will rent to local people.

Look for markets on the up. Old favourites like Spain and Greece might be appealing, but they are not a good investment bet at the moment. Upmarket areas such as Italy’s Tuscany and the French Riviera have weathered the financial storm well. Emerging markets can be riskier, but can lead to greater profits. Turkey looks to be a good bet at the moment, but take advice before you buy. Remember that there are tax implications of having rental income: you will usually need to declare it.

Buying to Move

Moving abroad could mean that you are able to buy your ‘dream home’, as you could use all the profits from your old house to buy, without the need to maintain a home in your country of origin too. Think about where you will be comfortable, not just now, but in the long term. Choose a country with good healthcare facilities, and consider whether you might become socially isolated. If you cannot speak the local language, consider moving somewhere with a strong expat community. Cyprus and Spain are popular with retirees for just this reason, and both are cheaper to live in than the USA and England. Choose well, and you’ll be able to enjoy prosperous, happy retirement.  Learn how to build wealth towards an Affluent Retirement, Leave a Legacy, be Healthy and Fit for life

Prosperous Retirement Planning – Wealth Building

 We all wish to retire rich, retire happy. Adequate money to lead a comfortable life is obviously a necessity for retirement. For this it is important to build and preserve wealth. It may in the form of properties that yield rental income during your retirement, saving plans that give rich interests or any other form of regular income and wealth, but some sort of financial security is essential for those crucial years. It does seem morose to plan for retirement when you are in your prime years of working. However, wealth building needs to start early – it becomes very daunting at an advanced age or in the unfortunate event of an illness or accident that incapacitates you terminally. 

Before you start building wealth, it is important to understand the very concept of this term – ‘wealth’ is not merely income. Wealth is the part of your net worth (assets minus liabilities) that generates capital gains, income, and dividends without a struggle or personal labour. It is easier to amass assets if you have more money coming in each month, but the true secret to increasing your net worth is to spend less than you make. 

The equation for wealth building and financial success is basically a function of three easy-to-understand principles: 

  • The amount of money you save and invest

  • The growth rate of your money

  • The amount of time it has to grow

 The actual challenge is not understanding these simple principles but in translating this knowledge into results that matter. In other words, it is the implementation of wealth building plan that would revolve around the aforementioned principles.

 When you are serious about building wealth for a comfortable retirement, it is important to not just save but also invest. There are a multitude of retirement plans and other saving schemes offered by banks as well as public and private investment agencies. Investment can also be made in real estate, gold and stocks. Investment in real estate is one of the safest options that can guarantee returns in the form of a rental income or capital gains. While investing in stocks, you should subdivide your portfolio and never own more than 5 or 10 per cent of your portfolio in the shares of a single company. It is always good to diversify your savings and funds for investment. 

Debt is a disease that enslaves the borrower. This is why building wealth for retirement not only involves saving and investment but also the avoidance of debt.  Credit card balances must be paid off month on month and actual use of such cards should be minimised. The high interest rates that you pay on outstanding credit card balances can completely erase any gains made from your investments. You should also accelerate your mortgage loan repayment if any. Switching to an offset mortgage can save you a substantial amount in interest as well as reduce the term of your mortgage loan by a number of years.  

Saving and investing early can give more time to your money for growth and paying off debts ensures that creditors do not create any problems during your retirement. This is integral to building wealth. 

If you really wish to retire rich, retire happy, start building wealth now. To know more about ways to a financially secure future, visit


Prosperous Retirement PlanningTax Planning

 You have a wide range of choice when it comes to preparing your tax returns. Tax returns can be prepared using forms downloaded directly from the IRS, using tax preparation software from independent software publishers, or by hiring a professional tax filing professional. It is important to check the credentials and actual experience of the professional before hiring him or her for filing your tax returns. You can also draft out your tax return on paper forms or using software before seeking out professional help.

 It is indeed irksome to pay huge taxes out of your income. However, with a proper tax planning, you can arrange your financial affairs and minimise your taxes. There are three basic ways to reduce your taxes, and each method can have several variations:

 Reducing your taxable income - Adjusted Gross Income or AGI is a key element that determines the taxes you pay. Apart from AGI, it is the tax rate and the tax credits that impact the amount of money you pay as tax. However, AGI also impacts your financial life outside of taxes: banks, mortgage lenders, and college financial aid programs all routinely ask for your adjusted gross income. This is a key measure of your finances and credit worthiness. Adjusted Gross Income is your income from all sources minus any adjustments to your income. Obviously, all of us wish to earn maximum while we can but more the income, more are the taxes. So the best way to reduce taxes is to reduce the taxable income and this is possible by contributing money to a retirement plan or other saving scheme. Such contribution reduces your wages, and lowers your tax bill. Choosing and investing in a good retirement scheme must be a part of your tax planning.

 Increasing your tax deductions - Almost everyone can take a standard deduction on income, and some people can also itemise their deductions. Itemised deductions comprise expenses for health care, state and local taxes, personal property taxes (such as car registration fees), mortgage interest, gifts to charity, job-related expenses, tax preparation fees, and investment-related expenses. One key tax planning strategy is to keep track of your itemised expenses throughout the year with the help of a spreadsheet or personal finance program. You may then quickly compare your itemised expenses with your standard deduction and can take the higher of your standard deduction or your itemised deduction. The three biggest deductions to save tax are mortgage interest, state taxes, and gifts to charity.

 Taking advantage of tax credits - Once you are through tax planning to reduce our taxable income and increase tax deductions, you can focus your attention on various tax credits. Tax credits further reduce the tax. There are tax credits for college expenses, for saving for retirement, and also for adopting children. Not everyone is in a position to adopt a child, but everyone may take some college classes. You can also avoid some additional taxes by avoiding early withdrawals from retirement plans. The entire amount that you withdraw becomes part of taxable income, and over and above this there will be additional taxes to pay on the early withdrawal.

 Tax planning just involves knowing all your options and using them to your financial benefits. A professional tax planning adviser can also be consulted for details on different aspects of tax savings.

 To plan your taxes well and eliminate the burdens for retirement, contact a friendly financial planner at:

Prosperous Retirement Planning - Protect Assets: Leave a Legacy

 Building enough wealth to enjoy a rich years of retirement is good. At the same time, it is important to protect the wealth that took you to years to build. No one is invincible and death is inevitable. You would want your assets and estate to be treated well after your death. To ensure that your wealth gets fairly distributed between your heirs or goes to the charity of your choice, you need to make a plan.

 On the Prosperous Retirement Coaching Program,  Bibi Apampa will help you to build, preserve, and safeguard your wealth. We help you to plan smart and ensure that your assets are protected even when you are no longer around. We guide you through the steps involved in creating a successful legacy plan. Legacies may involve financial support for spouse, children and loved ones after your death and also educational expenses for a grandchild, or an adopted child. In essence, protecting your assets lets you leave a legacy behind once you have made a good fortune.

 Wills, trusts, probate, annuities, and retirement plans are some of the tools that can be used to leave a legacy. There are three crucial steps included in the process of protecting your assets. At Prosperous Retirement Planning we support you through all of these:

 Creating a Will -

 The first step in protecting your property and assets is to get in touch with a solicitor and create your Will. If you have already have a legal Will, you have to ensure that it is updated on a regular basis. Your Will should include intentions with regards to guardians for your children, points on how you would want your assets to be distributed, any donations to charities, medical procedures, executor information as well also the arrangements for your funeral. These do seem a little gloomy but are essential to state your intentions and ensure that your loved ones are protected.

 Developing a Fact Sheet of Assets -

 The next step is to develop a fact sheet of all your assets. This sheet needs to indicate your actual financial assets and their where-abouts. You need to include the names of various financial institutions, plus account numbers, the location and details of security deposit boxes, property records and deeds along with additional investment account details. Precise value of your assets however, should not be mentioned in this list to ensure that your asset sheet is secure.

 Communicating Your Will to Loved Ones

 The final step to protect assets is to let your loved ones know that you have created a Will and asset fact sheet. You need to let them know as to where have you placed the concerned documents. Alternatively, you can entrust them to the family attorney, place it in a safety box at home or a bank locker. Your loved ones should know that you have a plan to ensure that your wealth will be distributed between them in the event of you not being there to support them anymore. This will ensure peace of mind for all.

 Bibi Apampa and the Prosperous Retirement Coaching team will offer you all help in protecting your assets and leaving a good legacy.

  If you wish to retire rich and retire happy, contact a reliable Retirement Planning Coach  and request for a FREE copy of ‘Retire Rich, Retire Happy” How to plan for a healthy, wealthy and wise Retirement

 Prosperous Retirement Planning: Estate Planning 

You may be employed or managing your own business but to survive and live a respectable life, it is necessary to work and earn. At the same time it is also true that advancing age and physical or mental disabilities caused by age and prolonged illness can impact anyone’s ability to earn. This is why it is important to plan ahead and save something for retirement. It may also be essential to seek professional guidance to plan your estates so that your loved ones get the most out of the assets that you have accumulated during our lifetime. 

Simply stated estate planning involves the decisions pertaining to the distribution of your property and assets after your death or severe physical or mental disability. Plans for the care and education of younger children may also need to be factored into an estate plan. If you are responsible for very young children before your death, these children might still need to be provided for before reaching independence. Money needs to be allocated for this contingency before the balance of the estate could be determined. 

It is important to have a basic estate plan in place irrespective of your net assets. This seems like a daunting or morbid task but estate planning does offer several benefits: 

·        You can choose the people to whom you wish to pass your assets and your wishes will be legally binding.

·        You can arrange your assets and property distribution in a way that taxes siphon as little as possible from your estate

·        You can be satisfied that your financial affairs are in order and you will not bequeath a costly administrative nightmare to your loved ones.

 Estate planning can include several elements: 

·        A will

·        Assignment of power of attorney that gives a person of your choice the authority to manage your financial affairs when you are unable to do so

·        A living will -  statement of your wishes for the kind of life sustaining medical intervention you want or do not want in case you become terminally ill and unable to communicate effectively

·        A healthcare proxy that authorises someone you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf 

Estate planning can be started at any point of time. You begin by taking stock of all your assets. These include your investments, retirement accounts, insurance policies, real estate, business interests and valuable items such as jewellery, cars and antique items if any. The next step is to decide what you want to achieve with such assets and choose the people who should inherit them. This is also the time to think about people you can trust to handle your business affairs and medical care if you become chronically ill. Once you decide upon the kinds of bequests you wish to make, the plans should be discussed with your heirs. The sooner and clearer you outline your intentions to your family and friends, the less chance there will be for disagreements after your death or severe illness.

 It is also a good idea to consult a financial adviser during estate planning if there are any chances your estate will be large enough to trigger taxes.

 If you wish to retire rich, retire happy with an estate planning that works in your best interests, join the Prosperous Retirement Coaching Program at


 Prosperous Retirement Planning – Leaving a Legacy 

Financial security planning involves a comprehensive approach to achieve your retirement vision and must take into account the realities of a lifespan including possible health problems and other potential risks. It is rather challenging to plan for retirement years in advance but if you ever think of leaving a legacy to your children, family, friends, or even to charity, it must be part of a lifelong planning process. A financial representative can help you work through the steps involved in creating a legacy plan. 

Legacies may have different purposes - from financial support for spouse and children to college expenses for a grandchild, or a scholarship program that can last for generations. An in-depth discussion with your financial representative can help you comprehend the multiple options available and decide what type of legacy you wish to provide. Wills, trusts, probate, annuities, and retirement plans are some of the tools that you can use to leave your own legacy. Some important points to consider in a legacy plan include: 

Choosing the amount to leave and the beneficiaries of legacy  

Planning a target total amount well in advance is one of the best ways to meet legacy goals. You should make a detailed list of your properties, assets and the individuals or causes that you want to support through them. Making this plan early helps you to segregate your legacy bequests from your personal finances for retirement and ensure that you have adequate funds for both. 

Choosing the financial options best suited for your vision

 There are several options for leaving a financial legacy and it is up to each individual to decide what works best for him/her. While some people use a permanent life insurance policy to give tax-free proceeds to their spouse or children, there are others who bestow funds or property through wills, or pass on assets while they are still alive. There are trusts, flexible investment designs and other options to maximize your disbursement and minimize the expenses. Determining what works in your situation is a personal choice and can be best made in consultation with a reliable financial representative who has expertise in estate and retirement planning.

 Protecting your Legacy

 Risk management is the foundation of financial security and a key to achieve your goals. In your prime earning years, disability income insurance is important because it replaces your earnings when you are injured or unable to work and allows you to continue saving funds for retirement and legacy giving. You should also be prepared for possible health care and long term care expenses that profoundly impact retirement assets and overall financial security.

 Financial legacy is the end product of long-term commitment and effort. It involves following core principles and behaving consistently over time to make your vision a reality. You wish to retire rich and retire happy and this should involve not a mere estate planning but also a comprehensive legacy plan.

 If you wish to know more about leaving a legacy contact a reliable financial planner / Retirement Coach who can help you to achieve your retirement goals, visit:

5 Tips to help you Retire Rich


A person in his or her late fifties looks forward to a peaceful life once they get retired from active service.  They hope for a life without alarm clocks, running to catch the train to commute, no deadlines thrusting by the higher officials and above all, plenty of time to do things that they love to do and that too at a pace they are comfortable with.  But not all those who are retiring can enjoy what they want to do unless they have planned for their retirement well in advance in the early days of their career. 


This calls for careful planning for a hassle free retirement life. The best time to start this is in the early years of career. Investment Plans in Your Thirties are not 'Too Early' for a Secured Happy and Rich Retired Life


 Let us go over some of the areas discussed in the free downloadable book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” which highlights 5 key areas that will ensure that you can spend your retired life rich and happy.


Strategic Investment Plan:

  This is a good investment idea which if followed will help you retire rich and happy. The plan involves allocating a regular amount from your monthly salary and investing it in Mutual Funds, where in there is a security of the amount invested at the same time a larger return from the profit made from the investments done in the equities by the company in which you have invested.  While your investment grows as the time passes the profits also make it big and give you a good sum to look at when you retire. The best way to do this is to set up a direct debit that transfers the funds every month to your Mutual Funds account.



  This is another important thing one should do, in early days of  the career, as soon as the confirmation of your first job set up a life insurance policy. The advantage is that you will be able to take a insurance for a good amount with a small premium (the amount you remit either monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly) that is low calculating the longer years you will have before you retire. 



  ever since its discovery the yellow metal is the reckoned as the standard of security and investment.  Even in the case of a country its credit worthiness is assessed on the basis of the Gold Securities they have in the government treasuries.  It will not be too difficult to purchase them once a year or twice and the appreciation of the same will be a good asset in the latter half of your life.


Another key area that appreciate as the population increases in a given town or city is real estate. Either as land or a house built on the land. The third basic need of man, the ‘shelter’ is always on the appreciation path barring one or two years of recession after which it will pick up again.  Invest on some land and property early in your career days.  It will give you handsome return either as rental income or capital appreciation.


  When you receive a good bonus or an increase in your salary when you get a promotion or a career change, invest the difference amount as lump sum in some annuity scheme offered by the banks or some reputed financial houses.  A sum you have invested in your thirties, when reinvested till your retirement will grow many fold to enable you to retire comfortably. 

Added to these investment ideas, the gratuity you receive from the organization should help you to live your retired life peacefully, rich and happy.


Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and  Business Coach who specializes in helping people Retire Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Visit her website to download her book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” at

6 Tips in planning for a healthy and happy retirement


As a strong and a healthy worker, one might think that retirement age could be years to come, and so when retirement age hits, one is caught off guard and sometimes this could lead to stress and confusion on how to tackle life. Here are 6 tips in planning for a healthy and happy retirement discussed in the free downloadable book “Retire Rich Retire Happy”.


1.     Make important life plans. Future is unpredictable and this calls for good planning about the future you will not stay in employment forever, a time will come for you to retire and enjoy what you have been working for. Without proper planning of the future, you might find yourself with nothing to enjoy or without enough resources to maintain you.


2.     Understand that life is more important than money – maintain a retirement planning checklist about five years prior to your retirement date. It is also important to find a real purpose when making your retirement plan and project your future try to make it interesting to avoid boredom during your retirement phase. This can revitalize the youth in you and give you excitement, happiness and fulfilment in your old age. For instance, travelling to a country that you have always desired, such as Egypt in Africa to see the pyramids.


3.     Always exercise your mind. The biggest battle is fought in the mind, once you have conquered  the mind game you have conquered all. Keep reading inspirational literature, join professional clubs, go for recreation or learn a new language. You never know the new language you learn might save you as you travel overseas. Look for open opportunity that will develop your mind and acquire new skills.


4.     Maintain a healthy weight. Good health is the biggest assets that money can never buy, neither can you acquire it as a skill. Therefore, eat healthy food such as food rich in fiber, plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Dark green vegetables are more nutritious. Other recommendations include oatmeal which contain a fiber which lowers cholesterol. High cholesterol level can lead to heart attack and other health complications therefore avoid food rich in animal fat.

Exercise is an important part that plays a major role in maintain healthy weight. Simple daily exercise such as jogging and walking will lead to a healthy and happy retirement.


5.     Discover ways to relax. The world is full of pressure and hassle  that could easily stress anybody. Stress can depress you forcing one to become irritated quickly by trivial issues. This can lead to increase in heart rate, tensing your muscles elevating your blood pressure. Relaxation alleviates ones body response to stress and improve good health and increase happiness. Some relaxation techniques include meditation, listening to soothing music, deep breathing especially when annoyed , watching favorite TV programs and muscle relaxation.


6.     Build new friendship. Choose good like minded friends who will inspire you and walk along with you. A good social network that incorporate family and friends will ensure happiness and life fulfillment. You can join community based activities that will continue even after retirement, or join a religious based organization that have members who have the same objectives and goals.


With these 6 tips in planning for a healthy and happy retirement you can retire graceful and counsel others.


Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and  Business Coach who specializes in helping people Retire Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Visit her website to download her book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” at

A Beginner’s Guide On How To Retire Rich

It is a truth that cannot be denied that a good life needs to end in respectable retirement, and to enable one to enjoy their twilight years in comfort and dignity. Many people cherish lofty dreams about how to retire rich which most of the time are sadly not realized. It can be easily shown that this is often a matter of failing to plan well rather than not having the means or desire to achieve the dreams one has.

Whatever the reason is, everything is possible if you put your mind into it. It doesn’t have to be easy but it is not too hard either. The best day to start planning your future is now if you have not started. If you have already began, then it is time to re-check and ensure that the plans are going according to budget.

Broaching the subject of old age is never easy even for those who are inevitably edging towards a time when both their physical ability and health will limit their productivity. This need not be the case as there is no escaping reality, however unpalatable it might be at the moment. Before jumping headlong into a packaged offer, ensure you have all the necessary information in order to ensure that it will be suited for your needs.

You will be able to make the most of your plan if you have in place a manageable budget right from the start. One must also avoid procrastinating. Beginning to plan for your retirement as early as when you start your first job is the best assurance for the future.

When investing in the future, asset protection is also paramount. One needs to put in place the mechanisms that will ensure a safe future for the investor.

Since you will be entrusting a large proportion of your money into a long term venture, getting an absolute guarantee of returns is necessary. There is no need to go into a contract without having adequate assurance on how future performance will be evaluated and steps taken to ensure that under no circumstances will your money be lost

Putting the family first is also absolutely essential in guaranteeing that a strategy will be successful in the long run. Be sure to get in touch with a reputable financial advisory services consultant in order to explore how to manage your estate in trust for your loved ones. In this way, you can rest assured that even if the worst happens, your assets and estate will be in good hands.

Take adequate caution to ensure that any plan you have about to donating to charity or family is outlined in detail in order to leave no window for doubt or ambiguity. The future is brimming with promise and taking the steps towards retiring rich and happy is but a beginning of a journey to prosperity and peace of mind.

Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and Business Coach who specializes in helping people plan towards being Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in Retirement. To get a free book on how to Retire Rich and Happy Visit  

7 proven ways to build your retirement portfolio

These 7 proven ways to build your retirement portfolio are just like pillars in building a strong house.  A strong building needs a strong foundation, proper time and a good plan.  The foundation will ensure the houses remains strong even after many years; the plan will ensure that the house is built in a flexible way that allows adjustment and execution. 

1.     A retirement portfolio should be diversified sufficiently to manage risks and flexible enough to allow changes if need be. It should also be prepared in a simple way and not too complicated to give one a headache. Rather it should state clear goals and actions to be taken at what time.

2.     One should start early.  You do not have to be an expert or a genius to build your retirement portfolio, but you must start early enough at a young age so as to accumulate more by the time one is retiring.

3.     If one is lucky to be working for a organization or a company that has a retirement plan, one should take advantage and join as early as possible.  Some companies contribute a favorable amount towards the pension scheme and leave you at freedom to make a choice of your own contribution with some allowing you to save up to 25% of your own income.  If you are self employed you can still have an account that offers individual pensions plan at low cost.

4.     Investment is a key that unlock wealth.  Whether you are a guru in the stock market or you know nothing about it, a portion of what you plan to save should be put for growth in the stock market, money market fund and bonds.  A wise saying says, cast your bread in many waters and after many days, you will find it again.  As you cast your saving in different investment you will enjoy them in your retirement.

5.     Understand your financial goals. You cannot hit a target you are not aware of its location.  You must locate and identify your financial goals, identify a starting point and decide what you want.  Some actions may require urgency and others flow as you proceed.  You might need a  financial coach  to guide you on some issues so as to avoid making mistakes.

6.     Write down a plan. Writing your retirement plan will give you a wider picture of your retirement needs that will prompt you to asses your anticipated lifestyle and what you already have in terms of assets.

7.     Stay updated and Be on the know how of investment. By being currently updated with current news and consistently invest   one will be able to smooth out the inevitable daily fluctuation in the market.  it will help one to have an effective strategy of  buying  extra shares when the price is low and buy few shares as the price go higher.

Building an ideal portfolio should be made an ongoing process while still evaluating all essential components and regularly checking whether one is on track. A life coach or a financial partner can be of great help when need be.

Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and Business Coach who specializes in helping people plan towards being Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in Retirement. To get a free book on how to Retire Rich and Happy Visit  


5. How to retire young and rich.

That is a question that many people ask themselves. Many people have come up with different solutions but there several factors that are common to all. If you want to know how to retire young and rich, then one of the key ingredients is to know how to invest in the correct business venture and opportunity.

As stated in the free downloadable book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” One  should consider the capital that is available for investment. It essential for the investor to decide on where to invest by comparing the expected returns from different investment opportunities. A person should understand that he may lose everything because every investment involves a degree of some risk, so one should know their risk level ie Risk adverse or risk taker. This will reduce the chances of a total loss. Some investment opportunities may be having an attractive return on equity but the risk might be too high. For a person who wants to retire young and rich, he should not invest in such ventures.

If a person ventures into business, then he should be able to evaluate all the opportunities that are available and the risk involved. Some business activities might be highly profitable but the risks that are involved might be too high. He should also consider the return on the capital that he invests. Some business activities might demand a lot of capital but the profit margin might be too small. It would be wise to invest small capital but in many different activities.

Another thing that a person should learn so as to know how to retire young and rich is to increase money management skills. This is done by

      • making a monthly budget so as to limit the misuse of money. This also helps a person to know how much comes in, how he spends it and on what in a month.
      • Setting financial goals. This is a target that a person sets for himself. This helps a person to be focused and it also acts as a motivation to a person. If a person wants to know
      • To retire young and rich, then he must know how to save for the future. This is essential so as to have money in the kitty for the coming days. At least 10% of all income should be saved. If a person earns a lot of money, but he spends the whole amount in the same day, then it would be of no use. A person should only spend for the things that are necessary leaving the rest of the money for future investment.

 Another thing that a person should consider so as to know how to retire young and rich is the threats involved in the plans that he makes. A person should consider all the opportunities and threats involved in the plans that he makes. This is very important so as to avoid a person being frustrated. If a person sets his goals too high, then he might be frustrated if he doesn’t achieve it. People say that everything is possible as long as you set your mind, but I tend to disagree a little bit because, one should set a reasonable goal. A person should not set a very high standard that he may not achieve. It must be realistic.

Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and  Business Coach who specializes in helping people Retire Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Visit her website to download her book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” at

6. Are you at risk of retiring broke

It is everyone’s hope and dream to retire happily after many years of toil and labor. As one utilizes his youthful time in employment and daily work, we hope to retire peacefully and stay comfortable there after Just like the newly married would wish to live happily there after forever. However, as in the case of the newly wed who soon realizes there are many pitfalls along the way that steal the joy of living happily forever, so is the same with a person who longs to retire wealthy and realizes there are many risks and challenges that may prevent him from achieving this dream.

Are you at risk of retiring broke? Probably your answer may be an obviously no! But have you sat down to consider a few things that probably are and will be your pitfall? The thought of retiring broke brings a chill to many as one pictures a poor old person begging  from relatives or his children after retiring broke.

In Bibi Apampa’s free downloadable book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” To avoid retiring broke, one must have a clear vision and a perspective towards life.  It is important to know where you are coming from, where you are and where you are going. Some people live a life of no goals or vision if they won a lottery, they would be confused about what to do with the huge cash. When one has a vision, he will grab the golden opportunity, plant-invest the seed in the right soil, cultivate and take great care of the seed, in return it will yield thousands and continue yielding even after retirement. You are at risk of retiring broke if you have a vision-less life without a purpose.  

Living an exaggerated life and not saving will make you a perfect candidate for the broke retirees club. A stitch in time saves nine is a common saying that means if you stitch your garment before it tears completely, it will save you more. We can borrow a leaf from this and save whenever possible. Living an expensive, luxurious lifestyle without  saving is a pitfall. There is no one with too little to save. It is your lifestyle that dictates whether you will save or not.  Have a budget that you can live with and make sure to save at least 10 % of all your income towards retirement.

Avoid impulse buying, unnecessary spending and peer pressure. Remember you have a goal and a vision to accomplish; your retirement, and your motto is to retire rich wealthy and happy, not to retire broke.


Making many mistakes while investing and poor investment choices will not only make you retire broke but will also drain you emotionally with stress rated problems. You might be having the perfect goals, save meticulously but when you invest your savings in the wrong investment such as gambling, pyramid schemes and other dubious business, you would have built your castle in the air and you can surely come down crumbling. When you want to invest, always seek for financial advice and have a perfect plan like the Retire rich Retire Happy plan, understand investment basics and the risks involved. Avoid making many mistakes and learn from any that you have earlier made. You will retire rich, healthy wealthy and happy.

Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and  Business Coach who specializes in helping people Retire Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Visit her website to download her book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” at

Planning your Estate towards Retirement

Estate Planning is the process involving the transfer of ownership of one’s estate to his/her legal heirs after death. Your Estate may include cash, jewellery, house, land, savings accounts, etc. However, estate planning does not need to be for distribution of one’s property after death, it may also be used to provide protection for one’s money before his/her death. Thus, estate planning could be used to accomplish several goals as follows:

1.To transfer the esstate to one’s own beneficiaries

2. Estate planning towards use of resources in your golden years

3. To assign legal guardian for minors i.e. under age of 18 years

4. To lay the foundation for minimum payment of taxes on estate

One should start estate planning as soon as one has a tangible asset portfoliolt, the estate plan should be towards achieving the stated objectives. Estate planning is necessary since it prevents the financial burden (i.e. estate taxes, which can be as high as 40 %) to one’s beneficiaries in event of untimely death of the owner. Law states that estate planning should be done by a legally competent adult, who is in sound mind and health.


As stated in the free downloadable book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” by Bibi Apampa, Estate Planning includes some major tasks as follows:

•Creation of a will: A will is a legal document that states the distribution of assets after death. In the absence of a will, the state has the right to divide the property in a way that they deem fit which might result in the heirs paying large taxes to the government with  high fees without any consideration to the family members of the deceased.

•Deciding the legal guardian for the minors

•To set up Power of Attorney: Power of Attoney gives the power of handling one’s affairs to another person either when he/she is unable to do so or maybe in his/her absence.

•it helps to limit the estate tax by setting trust accounts in heirs’ name and giving annual gifts: trusts can be testamentary (doesn’t apply until death of will creator), irrevocable, revocable, living, charitable reminder or insurance trust.

•Updating life insurance policies etc to beneficiaries

• Desired funeral arrangement

•Assigning an executor to look after the terms of the will

There are numerous tools for estate planning, some of which can be used during lifetime, while some tools are effective only after the death of the creator of the will-

•Tools during lifetime are Trust, power of attorney, gift , partition

•Tools post death : life insurance, will, succession by default

However, there are some risks associated with estate planning

•High Costs of lawyer and taxes. The usual cost of a will is between $300-$500.

•Time consuming and cumbersome legal processes

•Chances of financial and emotional distress for the deceased’s heirs if the property distribution is not fair

•Chances of misuse of the will, if in wrong hands

Still, the pro-active approach of estate planning safeguards one’s money and needn’t be only for the wealthy ones. It even helps to plan for future needs and saves family members from financial crunch upon one’s untimely death. More importantly, it helps in maintaining good relations as family members don’t end up fighting with each other over their share of the  inheritance of the wealth of the deceased.

Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and  Business Coach who specializes in helping people Retire Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Visit her website to download her book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” at 

 How to retire Rich, Happy and Healthy

No one wants to retire and spend the remaining years of his life constantly worrying about money. You can retire happy, if you follow a few steps first. The earlier you start paying attention to these things, the better your retirement will be.

One of the first steps to take before you retire is paying attention to your health. The more time you put into remaining healthy, the better you will enjoy your retirement. Diseases that constantly plague older people, like heart conditions and diabetes, can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle, but you have to start early. Bibi’s Healthy and Fit for Life Plan in the free downloadable book “Retire Rich Retire Happy”  will show you what you need to know to remain healthy well into your retirement. When you retire, you will have the strength and vitality to enjoy the money you have saved.

The  free resource you can use to learn more about retiring healthy. “Retire Rich, Retire Happy,” by financial planner Bibi Apampa, has an entire section devoted to health and wellness when you retire.

Next, start planning for retirement finances. Bibi believes everyone has the ability to retire wealthy, if they know where to start. With “Retire Rich, Retire Happy,” you will be taught step by step how to retire with more than enough money in the bank.

Planning does not just focus on your money, though. You should plan for ways to spend your retirement. The happiest retirees are those who spend their time dedicated to something, whether it be a part time job or a volunteer opportunity or a hobby. Bibi’s Wisdom Plan will show you how to plan for your emotional and spiritual wellness when you retire.

With “Retire Rich, Retire Healthy Book,” you can have a coach help you  plan towards  the retirement you have been dreaming of. This powerful resource will empower you to do what is necessary now to retire in wealth, and it is completely free

The next step is a working transition plan. Stopping work when you retire and immediately beginning retirement can be difficult for some people. Bibi Apampa, a highly successful investment portfolio manager, will teach you how to transition into a happy retirement when the time comes.

Another step is learning how to build wealth. The Wealth Building Plan in the book “Retire Rich Retire Happy”  will teach you how you can retire rich, no matter what your financial standing at the moment is. Even if you think it is too late, Bibi will show you step by step how you can save enough money to be quite wealthy in retirement. She draws from her career as a financial planner to teach you what you need to do.

Finally, a happy retirement requires emotional and spiritual wellness. The Wisdom Plan in “Retire Rich, Retire Healthy,” will teach you how you can feel serene and at peace when you retire.

Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and  Business Coach who specializes in helping people Retire Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Visit her website to download her book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” at

How do you spend your time in Retirement

Many modern workers spend their working years dreaming of exotic travel destinations. Yet, the demands of your job may not make this possible. If you have carefully planned for your retirement and have enough money saved up, then it just might be possible for you to enjoy traveling to your dream destinations after you retire.

So why should you consider travel as a way to spend your time after you retire? First, it will help you and those you love to build some lasting memories. It will give you a chance to see and experience things you have never had the opportunity to see or experience before. And finally, it is something you deserve after spending a lifetime accumulating your wealth. You might as well enjoy that money you worked so hard to save!

The key to traveling through retirement is knowing you can afford to do so. If you retire wealthy, you will not have to worry about money. You will have the funds to travel the world and still live a comfortable, even luxurious life at home.

Just how can you retire with enough money to travel to exotic destinations, while still leaving funds in the bank for your needs? The answer can be found in “Retire Rich, Retire Happy book.” This comprehensive guide is available completely free from, and it will take you step by step through the process necessary to retire with plenty of money, Bibi Apampa breaks down complex topics about retirement into information you can easily understand, showing you just how you can retire with wealth.

Another  way to make the most out of your retirement years and find yourself truly happy is to find a way to volunteer. Volunteering allows you to make an impact on your community as you live out your golden years.

Finding a way to spend your time so that you are helping the community keeps you happy when you retire because you feel like you are bringing value to those around you. It also gives you the chance to get up each day with a purpose. You can choose as few or as many hours as you like, and unlike a job, a volunteer position cannot require you to do anything you are uncomfortable doing. It is a winning situation for those who want to retire but remain active.

Of course, finding a way to spend your time when you retire, like volunteering, is just one of many options to make your retirement happy. In her book titled “Retire Rich, Retire Happy,” Bibi Apampa discusses many ways to nurture your emotional and spiritual health when you retire. She also discusses the financial aspects of being able to retire rich. This two-fold approach helps clients in all walks of life prepare for their retirement.

Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and Business Coach who specializes in helping people plan towards being Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in Retirement. To get a free book on how to Retire Rich and Happy  Visit

It’s Never Too Late to Retire Rich!

Retiring rich is the goal of many young workers early in their careers. However, when time passes and they find their selves in the middle years of their life, without any retirement plans in place, many decide it is too late to start thinking about retiring. In her book, “Retire Rich, Retire Happy,” Bibi Apampa discusses a variety of wealth building strategies that will help anyone, even those who are late to the game, retire rich.

Why is retiring with a nice sum of money in the bank so important? When you do not have to worry about money, you can spend your days sunning yourself by the shore, travelling to exotic destinations around the globe, or spending valuable time with grandchildren and other loved ones. When money is a constant concern, you are not free to enjoy a truly happy retirement. To retire happy, you need to retire wealthy.

Yet, retiring wealthy does not require a lot of wealth during your working years. What it does require is a plan. That is what “Retire Rich, Retire Happy” offers – a workable plan that just about anyone can implement to save a bundle for retirement.

The strategies in “Retire Rich, Retire Happy book” work, because they were written by a highly successful investment portfolio manager. Bibi Apampa has helped hundreds of people reach and exceed their retirement goals, and now she is ready to help you reach and exceed yours. All of this information about managing your future wealth is available completely free simply by downloading it from With Bibi’s help, you can retire without ever having to worry about money again.

One of the keys to being able to retire rich and happy is positive thinking. By changing your mind about retirement and your retirement goals, spinning any negativity into something positive, you can enjoy the retirement you have been dreaming about throughout your working years.

See, positive thinking has many different impacts on your life. First, it encourages you to believe that your goals are attainable. Many people fail to retire with adequate money in the bank because they do not think it is possible. Positive thinking allows you to change your mind and believe that you can retire with enough. That belief will fuel your actions.

Positive thinking also helps you have the right mindset to truly enjoy your retirement. Instead of thinking about all of the “doom and gloom” scenarios that are possible when you retire, thinking positively lets you focus on the good things that are happening around you during your retirement.

Taking your thoughts and making them positive are just one of the many tips and tricks in “Retire Rich, Retire Happy,” a free book from Bibi Apampa. Download yours today at

Finally, positive thinking is the key to happiness. Being happy when you retire starts in your mind, not your bank account. If you can train yourself to think positively about life and retirement, you will be much more fulfilled throughout your golden years.

Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and

  Business Coach who specializes in helping people Retire Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Visit her website to Download her book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” at 

Copyright                  All rights reserved.



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