Protect Assets: Leave a Legacy


Building enough wealth to enjoy a rich years of retirement is good. At the same time, it is important to protect the wealth that took you to years to build. No one is invincible and death is inevitable. You would want your assets and estate to be treated well after your death. To ensure that your wealth gets fairly distributed between your heirs or goes to the charity of your choice, you need to make a plan.


At Prosperous Retirement Planning, Bibi Apampa will help you to build, preserve, and safeguard your wealth. We help you to plan smart and ensure that your assets are protected even when you are no longer around. We guide you through the steps involved in creating a successful legacy plan. Legacies may involve financial support for spouse, children and loved ones after your death and also educational expenses for a grandchild, or an adopted child. In essence, protecting your assets lets you leave a legacy behind once you have made a good fortune.


Wills, trusts, probate, annuities, and retirement plans are some of the tools that can be used to leave a legacy. There are three crucial steps included in the process of protecting your assets. At Prosperous Retirement Planning we support you through all of these:


Creating a Will -


The first step in protecting your property and assets is to get in touch with a solicitor and create your Will. If you have already have a legal Will, you have to ensure that it is updated on a regular basis. Your Will should include intentions with regards to guardians for your children, points on how you would want your assets to be distributed, any donations to charities, medical procedures, executor information as well also the arrangements for your funeral. These do seem a little gloomy but are essential to state your intentions and ensure that your loved ones are protected.


Developing a Fact Sheet of Assets -


The next step is to develop a fact sheet of all your assets. This sheet needs to indicate your actual financial assets and their where-abouts. You need to include the names of various financial institutions, plus account numbers, the location and details of security deposit boxes, property records and deeds along with additional investment account details. Precise value of your assets however, should not be mentioned in this list to ensure that your asset sheet is secure. 

Communicating Your Will to Loved Ones


The final step to protect assets is to let your loved ones know that you have created a Will and asset fact sheet. You need to let them know as to where have you placed the concerned documents. Alternatively, you can entrust them to the family attorney, place it in a safety box at home or a bank locker. Your loved ones should know that you have a plan to ensure that your wealth will be distributed between them in the event of you not being there to support them anymore. This will ensure peace of mind for all. 

Bibi Apampa and the Prosperous Retirement Planning team will offer you all help in protecting your assets and leaving a good legacy.


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